Purtier - Deer placenta softgels

Purtier deer placenta softgels becomes popular and is being used all over the world from Europe, America to Southern Asia. The outstanding rejuvenating effect is demonstrated in reality and especially supported by celebrities...

Purtier- Deer placenta softgels are  high quality and luxurious product line of  leading New Zealand deer placenta stem cell therapy in the world. Deer placenta softgels have been highly evaluated  about its clinical efficiency and safety after being produced. It help reverse the aging process from deep inside the cells by the stem cell mechanism and therefore, help cells to rejuvenate,enhance the beauty and prevent disorders  as well as impede complications in chronic diseases.

Nowadays, Purtier becomes popular and is being used all over the world from Europe, America to Southern Asia. The outstanding rejuvenating effect is demonstrated in reality and especially supported by celebrities. By that, Purtier gains its fame and meets the morden needs of perfect health protection particularly in beautifying and rejuvenating.

What are the reasons making Purtier have the qualities of this luxurious product line?

There are many people wondering what Purtier is made of, what prominent features Purtier has in order to provide this marvellous effects

The answer is its component and pharmaceutical formulation

First of all, the main component in Purtier is 1800mg deer placenta stem cell per softgel. These are stem cells directly extracted from deer placenta in sterile environment which is strictly controled to maintain all biological characteristics and valuable nutrients of deer. These must be alive deer living  in the only fresh and unpolluted place in the world – New Zealand.Moreover, deer is the animal having biological features which are the most identical to human beings, hence it is safe and maximize  human living cells activation.

Secondly, with the aid of the lastest and most modern lyophilized technology, leading scientists on stem cells have not only sucessfully combined the largest amount of stem cells and precious components in one softgel but also maximized the releasing and absorbing process of this drug in human body after 15 years researching.

After being administered, Purtier deer placenta is activated in order to wake all the human cells up, help them work positively again and activate oversleeping cells. Thus, Purtier brings excellent effectiveness to 20 target organs by almost 30 mechanisms:

  1. Purtier deer placenta enhances the apperance:

More charming face with rosy smooth white skin, more stoned facial muscles, wrinkles and dark circles disappear completely, eyes become brighter, melasma vanishs quickly. These are the features recorded after using Purtier deer placenta.

     2. Purtier deer placenta improves the skin

The fresh skin beauty is brought back by the mechanism of producing new cells and moisturizing, help the skin stay healthy, silky and shining. Birthmarks, age spots fade and disappear gradually, the skin become younger, full of vitality.

      3. Purtier deer placenta strengthens sexual function

Increase the sexual desires, improve the sex life and sperm quality, postpone the menopausal period, take menses back, raise the chance of pregnancy for infertile couples

      4.Purtier deer placenta enhances brain function

Help enhance the memory, increase cerebral circulation, process the information faster, more precisely and focused.

      5. Purtier deer placenta improves the mood

Become more optimistic, energetic and dynamic. Improve the patience,  release stress and pressure.

    6. Purtier deer placenta improves the physical health.

Help physical health better, reduce fatigue and the traumatic risk induced by impact, keep the body balanced, strong and full of energy.

    7. Purtier deer placenta improves eye sight

Vision is enhanced significantly, reducing short sight and long sight, cataracts are recorded to be improved considerably or disappear completely, keep the eyes always bright and clear.

    8. Purtier deer placenta improves the hair

Stem cell therapy reduces damaged hair due to sunburn, quickly help the hair black and soft again, reduce hairloss.

    9. Purtier deer placenta enhances cardiovascular health.

- Reduce the risk of coronary artery  blockage

- Reduce arrhythmia, palpitations, sudden angina.

- Improve greatly cardiovascular health

- Hinder complications in chronic diseases.

    10. Purtier deer placenta improves lung function

Cough, asthma, sputum and breathing difficulties are enhanced significantly.

    11. Purtier deer placenta improves gastrointestinal function

Dry mouth symptoms, dysphagia, gastroesophageal reflux diseases, acid eructation, chronic peptic ulcer, irritable bowel are recorded to be clinically improved considerably.

    12. Purtier deer placenta helps teeth strong and tightens the root of teeths, reduces halitosis and teeth-relating diseases.

    13. Purtier deer placenta strengthens pancreas function

Pancreas dysfunction can predispose to various diseases: acute and chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and especially diabetes with acompanying complications. In clinical reality, many patients used Purtier deer placenta softgel helping improve greatly disease symptoms.

    14. Purtier deer placenta improves the health inside

Bones and muscles become toned, reduce the risk of flabby muscles, restrict fat accumulation, balance the body deep inside.

    15. Purtier deer placenta improves kidney function

Acute renal failure (protein in urine, hematuria...), acompanying complications after purging are improved significantly.

      16. Purtier deer placenta improves proactively bones and muscles

Backache, fagtigue, muscle atrophy, osteoarthritis are all improved , quickly healing the wound. Muscles become versatile.

      17. Alive cells Purtier strengthens peripheral neuropathy, reduce the feeling of numb in all organs in the body.

      18. Purtier deer placenta improves proacitively metabolism

Blood sugar, blood lipids, acid uric are recorded being improved fast in reality.

      19. Purtier deer placenta improves damages induced by atherosclerosis

Reduce sudden hypertension, Coronary artery disease, tinnitus, dizziness.

     20. Specially: Purtier deer placenta brings back the sleep in insomnia, circulatory disorders, muscle aches, muscle weakness and muscle atrophy.


- Deer placenta

- Xanthan

- Aloe vera extract

- Evening primrose oil

- Squanlene

- Marine collagen

- Avocado oil

- Lapis oil

- Lycopen



To achieve the best effectiveness, Purtier deer placenta stem cell therapy had better to be used in a complete route of 7 boxes

The first month: 2 softgels each time, twice a day.

From the second month: 1 softgels each time, twice a day.

Take with a full warm cup of water.


For more information, detailed consultation or purchase, please contact:

HOTLINE: 0949.847.396 / 0986.640.683

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Purtier - Deer placenta softgels

Purtier deer placenta softgels becomes popular and is being used all over the world from Europe, America to Southern Asia. The outstanding rejuvenating effect is demonstrated in reality and especially supported by celebrities...

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Warning : Fake Purtier

Distinguish between the genuine and fake deer placenta - Currently on Vietnamese market, there are some unauthorized resellers on the internet are claiming to sell our high quality health product Purtier deer placenta. In fact, it is fake product, we hope that customers should read the following information carefully before deciding to buy Purtier deer placenta.

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